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DISCulture contains 30 individual works, including animations, short films, music videos and a variety of other material, such as illustrations, poetry and photographs.

Played end to end, the disc runs for more than 80 minutes, and includes a variety of additional resources and interactive features. The DVD is available at selected record stores and bookshops or by calling 1800 200 748.


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A Dancer Drops Out of the Sky: animation by Karen Pealman and Richard James Allen. Digitally generated choreography allows our hero to slide from Italy via Sydney to Poland and back to the clouds in one extended phrase.


Ambivalence: animation by Harriet Birks. Ambivalence is set in an endless virtual hallway of arcade style killing games. Instead of missile massacre action, passive stone masks hang on the wall, filling the space with black puddles of drool and tears. It is an artificial black and white labyrinth of binaries and structuralism. Sounds of laughter and sobbing, images of ecstatic and anguished faces and the hypnotic expansion of fractals fuse into disparity rather than closure.



Cincity: animation by Lena Fleming. Poster boys and girls pose and pout in the futuristic neon animation CINCITY.



Gravity: animation by Rebecca Lórien. A cartoon skater takes on the real world.



Headspace: animation by Joshua Holliday. A hi-tech bug visits Sydney.



Teetering: animation by Dave Jones. A story of love and loss in an unlikely world.



The Heist: animation by Dave Jones. The moon is full in the night sky and high above the city streets a daring robbery is taking place.



The Morning After: animation by Andrew Proude. Animation style, storyline, camera techniques, music and sound all work together to create characters, embellish the simple storyline and add humour to this short animation.



When Curds Lose Their Whey: animation by Jason Lynch. A stop motion clay animation where the world's most famous arachnophobe may just need an Ambulance subscription.



1912: atmospheric work by Scott Anderson. A dancer from 1912 is given new life through digital compositing.



Beautiful Images of New Zealand: atmospheric work by Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch. A visual landscape of stunning images from New Zealand, set to a beautiful score.



Hotbed: atmospheric work by John Douglas. Hotbed is a set of six variations of one video work. Hotbed renders itself into a hypnotic journey through the psyche of the Australian landscape.



Two Skaters in Two Minutes: atmospheric work by Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch. A quick and snappy look at the talents of two skateboarders.



Hot Chutney: interactive music work by Dom D'Souza. The V in DVD stands for versatile. Dom uses Bollywood inspired audio and the special features of DVD to make an interactive do-it-yourself beats'n'pieces sonic sound.



Pink Spunk: music video by Cam Crowley, Kat Mew & Adam Milburn. The excessive mega rock star who roamed the charts with abandon in the eighties, is a seemingly dead and buried character after the pragmatic nineties, but Askii is here to relive those heady days.



Sleeping With the Enemy: music video by Gavin Walburgh. A visual showcase combining Flash animation with documentary protest footage that captures the essence of the track. It's references attempt to highlight the social and political landscape of war and global inequality with an urban edgy and raw feel.



Space Cowboy: music video by Lindsay Adams. A music video for country artist Steve Gibson. The hi-tech film clip also comes with a directors commentary.



Lights, Camera, Action! : poetry by Sally McLean. An ode to all those who have ever felt like their life is actually a film.



Silver Screen: poetry by Sally McLean. Written at a time when I suddenly realized that I was revisiting an old relationship in some of the screenplays that I'd been putting together.



601: short film by Andy Fernandez. Set in the near future, a man sits in an empty hotel room, watching the breaking news. David Elling, the first genetically modified human being, has been murdered at only three years of age.



?Romance?: short film by Alex Murawski. A young man is disillusioned by the unfulfilled promise of romance in his life.



50's Newsreel: short film by Lindsay Adams. A young boy builds a rocket ship to travel to the stars.



Anchovies: short film by Armand de Saint-Salvy. He's on a mission to answer an age old question.



Homecoming: short film by Dave Burrows. It's man versus machine, but in a race against time - the one who comes first isn't always the winner!



Karma and Lemonade: short film by Jonathan Armstrong. A man has the worst morning of his life. Things go downhill from there...



Bulk Reg: a collection of 8 illustrations by the acclaimed Australian cartoonist Reg Lynch.



Cabin Fever: a set of 3 comic strips by Anton Emdin. cab'in fe'ver (n): a state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place. This is that place.



Photography by Isabel Alves set to original music by Dom D'Souza.



Photography by Jonathan Armstrong set to original music by Dom D'Souza.


Retro Dreaming & Island Days: illustrations by Adam Newcombe set to original music by Nick Fehlberg. A series of digitally created illustrations intended for a children's adventure e-book and print book.