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EditHouse has produced a DVD compilation disc celebrating the creativity of Australian independent film makers and other artists.

The DVD gives local talent the chance to have their material represented on this exciting new medium. The disc contains short films, animations and other artistic endeavors. The DVD medium lends itself well to slide shows and thus comic strips, still pictures, and a host of other forms of expression are included on the disc. As the audio quality is exceptional, music and poetry narrations are also well suited to the format.

Copyright 2001 EditHouse.
All rights reserved.
The January edition of Filmink wrote - "Short films, particularly indie ones, rarely get the digital (deluxe) treatment, and EditHouse have transferred them immaculately, taking full advantage of the technology". Filmink DVD review 4 out of 5.

The May edition of Empire wrote - "With such a diverse range of goodies, there's literally something for everyone" ... "As an idea and as a concept DISCulture is great. As a product, it's slick and the quality of films is made more interesting for their diversity and the oddball (some of them very odd indeed) points of view presented". Empire DVD review 4 out of 5.

The April edition of DVD Now wrote - "DISCulture is well worth a look, both for a look at alternative Aussie art and to see the DVD medium being used for something other than importing American culture". DVD Now review 3.5 out of 5.

In the April edition of IF Magazine, Marcus Gillezeau wrote - "This DVD is about as feature heavy as you can get. After a delightfully animated Leonardo da Vinci opening... you arrive at an extensive menu offering a range of short films, music clips and animations, art films and poetry. The DVD boasts over thirty Australian short films".

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